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Where is your Upstate office based?

We’re so glad you asked! Upstate has a state-of-the-art office and we can’t wait for you to drop by. It’s a boutique and super modern space in the beating heart of Dee Why – so you know it’s in an easily accessible area.
You can find us at Suite 15, level 1, 888 Pittwater Road, Dee Why – in the new Meriton building right above Woolworths. Follow our branding until you come across our smiling staff. See you there!

How easy is it to make the switch to Upstate?

We make it so so easy because we do most of the work for you! Simply send an email or a signed letter to your current agent and we’ve got the rest. No awkward discussions or problems.
To find out more, call our Business Development Manager, John, on 02 9971 9000. After this, the switch will be all sorted – no stress.

Can I meet my property manager in person?

We’d be thrilled! You certainly can, as we’d love to meet you. In fact, we encourage it as it builds a stronger relationship over the longer term. However, if you can’t meet us in person, don’t worry – we’ll gladly arrange a meeting online, over the phone or even on a video call. This is how we do it with our landlords from other states and countries.

What are your management fees?

At Upstate, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke property solutions that are top quality. No poor service, ongoing problems or a lack of contact here!
We have flexible management packages so you can choose the best option for your situation. From self-managed to full-managed, and everything in between, we’ve got the right one for you. This offers you a range of price points to decide what matches your budget.

What happens if my tenant can't pay rent?

It’s not so much if they can’t pay rent, and more about how we avoid the situation entirely. With extensive training and years of experience, our collaborative team manage these situations to minimise risk and ensure the best possible outcomes for landlords like you. However, if the situation escalates, you can trust that we’ll act responsibly by communicating with you, placing landlord insurance claims and attending the leasing tribunal – whatever is needed.

Are landlords required to carry out repairs?

This all depends on what’s required.

At Upstate, we look after your property like it was our own – so we make sure to keep it well-maintained by educating tenants and through regular inspections. However, if unwanted damage does occur, our expert team will determine the right course of action and who is responsible if repairs are needed.

With our digital-first system, landlords are kept fully informed at every step of the way when it comes to repairs. Alternatively, a landlord may opt for a capped amount where we can proactively take care of any reasonable repairs below an agreed price. This way, you are looped in whenever you want to be (if at all)

Do you manage commercial properties?

Oh, absolutely! In fact, we’ve got one of the largest commercial market shares in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and even have commercial properties and landlords we’ve been dealing with for over 10 years!

We love commercial property so much that we have a dedicated team entirely focused on the commercial real estate sector. Backed by years of experience and extensive knowledge, our commercial management agents are the best at what they do.

Contact our Commercial team today on [DETAILS] and see for yourself.

What technology does Upstate use to manage my property?

As a forward-thinking agency, we’re all about a digital-first approach to make everything easy for our clients. Trust us – you’ve never experienced a more innovative way to buy, sell, lease or rent.
We equip our team and clients with the latest systems and programs available on the market to date. This has allowed us to achieve remarkable results, like maintaining an average of less than 0.01%* of arrears across our whole residential properties portfolio.

Just like a well-oiled machine, our maintenance workflow runs smoothly through our digital platforms – with landlords kept in the loop as little or as much as they want to be, reducing the need for constant manual updates. The system also provides an EMERGENCY option to ensure reports are dealt with immediately – regardless of business hours.

Why should I have my property professionally managed?

Why wouldn’t you want everything done for you? That way, you can get back to your amazing lifestyle!

At Upstate, we’ve always said, “find yourself in a better place” and we stand by this motto with every client we work with. As your property management agency, we give you complete peace of mind and a hassle-free experience when it comes to your investment property. We’re also your trusted advisor, keeping a close eye over everything. As a middle person, both tenants and landlords can rest easy knowing that we are working towards achieving the best possible outcome.

We do not take this responsibility lightly – we understand and value your every concern. That’s we always strive to go above and beyond when it comes to communication, so we can develop long-term and strong relationships with clients.

Can you take care of managing my bills?

Definitely – and at no extra cost!
When bills for your property come in, we mark them for payment out of the rent and organise everything, so you never have to worry. This means that all the information is in one place so that at tax time, it’s so much easier for our landlords to consolidate their finances.

  • It's easier than you think
    to make the switch