Ziggy De Haan

Ziggy De Haan

Project Manager / Marketing Executive

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Ziggy is the Project Manager of the Upstate Project Development Team.

This means she keeps the innovative conveyor belt moving, from initial discussions and admin, to preparation, coordination, finalisation and beyond.

Everyone can focus better every day knowing that Ziggy is working hard keeping projects running smoothly, while ensuring our clients experience the high standard of service they’ve come to expect from us.

As you would expect from someone with a super cool name, Ziggy is naturally personable and happy, which allows her to always remain calm and collected as the busy team buzz about all around her.

Ziggy shot up through the ranks from the Front Desk, where she won Receptionist of the Year in 2013, all the way to Office Manager – and now in the pivotal role of Projects, we all can’t imagine life without her.

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