Vincent West

Vincent West

Commercial Licensee/Director in Charge At Upstate Property Group

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Vincent West has a penchant for factories and shop fronts. As a result, the time and energy he dedicates to Upstate’s Commercial and Industrial Division is unmatched. As a staple within Commercial circles of Northern Beaches real estate for over 10 years, Vincent has consistently excelled throughout every facet of this specialised property discipline, from selling to leasing. Always pin-point with his marketing strategies, Vincent’s commercial properties spend less time on the market and more time open for business.

5 things

  1. First Concert
    Rose Tattoo and The Angels at the Rooty Hill RSL. It was pretty damn epic
  2. Fav song
    Way too many and completely mood related. Lets just say everything from Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah to Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
  3. Fav clothing label
    I am not the most fashion conscious person and you only have to ask my wife who often says “are you wearing that outside!” So I would say Ripcurl because they make great wetsuits and I wear them surfing
  4. Fav sport
    Surfing – It is my escape from reality, it is my meditation, it is my fitness, it is my social community all the while being a never ending challenge. My first experience in the surf was on a surf matt. We were living in Annandale and my mum bought one each for my brother and I at Avalon shops on our way to Palm Beach when I was about 10 and she couldn’t get us out of the water all day. Pretty sure she was frustrated and stoked at the same time. It has been a huge part of my life ever since.
  5. Fav holiday location
    So so many! My favourite holiday locations include anywhere I can surf, snowboard or mountain bike which takes me to the coast or mountains all around the world. Japan and Canada are definitely up there.

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