Brigitte Elasi

Brigitte Elasi

Digital Marketing Manager

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Brigitte has a fun and vibrant personality which makes her a very well-loved teammate at Upstate.

She has extensive skills in content creation, social media management, EDM building and conceptualising innovative ideas, which Brigitte puts into practice every day to make our brand look great everywhere. On top of that, she holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design and a Certificate IV in Design and Multimedia which have both allowed her to gain rich expertise, working in start-up design agencies and administration roles.

She continually strives to achieve her top objectives, which are Upstate living up to the future of real estate by being the #1 market leader in the area, and herself being a Digital Marketing Strategist in the near future.

Brigitte finds continuous inspiration from her desire for self-improvement and consistent drive for innovation. With how creative and motivated she is, Brigitte will always be a successful marketer.

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