Hey there, here’s a discount for your first year of Landlord insurance cover

Protect your property AND receive a discount!

As you know, we’re always striving to go above and beyond to offer our clients more value – and we have some excellent news you’ll love!

Upstate has just partnered with one of Australia’s leading landlord insurance specialists, EBM RentCover.

So we can now arrange a discounted rate for the first year of cover to help you protect your investment property.


What’s covered?

Our Upstate discount applies to the following policies:

  1. RentCover Ultra (landlord and contents insurance)

Offers extra protection not typically covered in standard contents policies and includes cover for insured events (such as fire, storm and flood), loss of rent, liability and tenant-related damage. It is designed for apartments, units and villas where the building is already covered under body corporate, or stand-alone homes where the building is insured separately.

Click here to read more about RentCover Ultra.


  1. RentCover Platinum (landlords, contents and building insurance)

Protecting properties inside and out, with cover for insured events (such as fire, storm and flood) to both contents and building, and cover for liability, tenant-related damage and loss of rent. It is designed for stand-alone homes and townhouses needing cover for the entire property, from the driveway to the backyard.

Click here to read more about RentCover Platinum.


Not sure what Policy you need?

Not a worry! Just click here and follow the flow chart to see what applies to you. Easy!


What discount do you get?

We’ve got you!

Through Upstate, you will receive a discount on new RentCover Ultra and RentCover Platinum policies.

If you only want landlord and contents insurance, a RentCover Ultra policy in NSW will cost $311 – saving you 20% off the standard price!

Or if you need building insurance, a discount equivalent to 60 days premium is available for you.

But just note: a discount is unfortunately not applicable on renewals.


Sounds good! What now?

Interested in this? I’m here to help you!

1.Learn more about RentCover Ultra and RentCover Platinum, and read the Product Disclosure Statement andFinancial Services Guide to decide which policy best protects the needs of your investment.

2.Then, click here to get a quote and apply


3.just fill this in and send it back, and I can process the application on your behalf.


If any have any more questions, feel free to contact EBM RentCover on 1800 661 662 to discuss cover, claims and your insurance needs.

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